Yes, you can choose a feng shui consultation by email instead of a phone or video consultation to have your questions answered. If you are asking about a complimentary/free service, Rodika does not offer it with the exception of service to established clients.
Rodika does not offer one-hour feng shui consultations. If you cannot afford a feng shui consultation at this time, we encourage you to explore Rodika’s articles on knowfengshui.com, watch her feng shui videos, or sign up for her feng shui newsletter.
When you have quick questions, it is best to explore Rodika’s writings and videos. Many of your questions have already been answered on knowfengshui.com, just use the Search function to find the answers.

Over the years we have found that most phone talks inquiring about Rodika’s feng shui services turn into requests for a free consultation, which we do not provide.  We have hundreds of testimonials online that offer a window into her work, please consider reading them.

However, if you have a complex feng shui project, contact us and we will schedule a preliminary call with Rodika.

 The long-distance analysis is an in-depth written report about the present state of the feng shui energy of your space and, more importantly, insightful and detailed advice for all the areas of your home or office that need improvement. You will receive an abundance of suggestions for the best feng shui cures to improve the energy of your environment and achieve your goals.

Suggestions include, but are not limited to the repositioning of furniture for better energy flow, choice of best wall colours, floor coverings, and textiles, best art, complete or partial re-decoration of such important areas as the main entry, the kitchen, the bedroom, etc. Window coverings, placement of mirrors, best artwork, and other decor details that will bring your space to its optimum energy are also suggested.

You will be given a range of feng shui cures so that you can choose the ones that work best for you and your home decor. These cures can be modern and subtle, such as a modern piece of art with fiery colours in a specific area of your space, for example. Or, they can be Oriental looking — the classical/traditional Chinese feng shui cures — such as Chi Lins, Pi Yao, Double Happiness sign, etc. The ultimate choice is to be made by you after exploring the wealth of feng shui suggestions in your long-distance report.

If you are considering a renovation, we can also answer all your questions regarding the best placement, or positioning of additional rooms and/or exterior landscape features.

The long-distance feng shui analysis comes in PDF format and includes a FREE follow up. The follow up comes in two forms: phone or email. From the date you receive the analysis, you have 2 weeks to ask questions by email, or, if you so desire, a one time complimentary 30 min phone session where you can ask all your questions at once.

Most clients choose the email option, as it gives them time to assimilate changes and ask questions gradually. Email support is also our suggestion for you, because it is most helpful in your feng shui work.

(We trust our clients to be sensitive with the number of emails and ask questions in a conscious and time-efficient manner in the 2 weeks of FREE feng shui follow up.

 The length of the in-person feng shui consultation depends on the size, as well as the overall state of your space. The typical consultation usually lasts about 3-4 hr, although many go for as long as 6 hours in one visit. The client is the one in charge of time. Upon arrival, Rodika will explain in more detail how the specific consultation will work. It usually starts with the tour of the home or business, where the client shows the space, tells what works and what doesn’t, emphasizes the goals for the consultation, etc. After the tour is finished, Rodika takes several compass readings and spends about 15-20 min doing her analysis and calculations.

Based on the feng shui analysis, the second part of the consultation consists of numerous recommendations, suggestions, and specific and practical feng shui cures to transform the space and bring vibrant, healthy energy into it. It often involves moving furniture, repositioning the art, and letting go of some items. More often than not, it is a very hands-on process that brings an instant boost of energy, as well as life-changing results.

Please note: a written feng shui report and the bagua (if requested) are priced separately.

Yes, of course, you can reschedule your in-person or long-distance consultation. Please note we have a 24 hrs cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel your feng shui consultation, we appreciate you giving us advance notice.

If you reschedule with less than 24 hr notice, we have a late rescheduling fee. If you cancel with less than 24 hrs notice, your confirmation payment is non-refundable.

The booking payment is the payment we request in order to book the in-person feng shui consultation. The payment link is emailed to you when Rodika approves your consultation request.

The booking payment is 50% of the consultation payment (based on a 2hr consultation);  the payment is done online. The rest of the payment is due at the time of the in-person feng shui consultation payable by check or e-transfer. 

You can start experiencing the desired results as soon as you start applying the recommended steps, and often even before that.

Many times Rodika’s clients have felt a shift just by discussing all the steps over the phone or during a video call.

Because you are working with pure energy (Chi) where all the results you want originate from,  when your intent is strong and clear — and when you have the right guidance — the desired change is already happening.

The in-person feng shui consultation with Rodika is often a very hands-on process — all depending on the client’s comfort level with immediate change — so the energy shift in the space is powerful. Of course, you are the one to implement all the feng shui recommendations, and Rodika is there with a wealth of feng shui guidelines to help you create the life you want by transforming your immediate surroundings.