The length of the in-person feng shui consultation in Vancouver, BC area depends on the size, as well as the overall state of your space. The typical consultation lasts about 3-4 hr, although many go for as long as 6 hours in one visit. The client is the one in charge of time.

Upon arrival, Rodika will explain in more detail how your specific consultation will work. A feng shui consultation usually starts with the tour of the home or business, when the client shows the space, tells what works and what doesn’t, and emphasizes the goals for the consultation. After the tour is finished, Rodika will take several feng shui compass readings and spend about 15-20 min doing her analysis and calculations.

Based on the feng shui analysis, the second part of the Vancouver, BC area local consultation consists of many practical feng shui recommendations, numerous suggestions, and specific feng shui cures to transform your space. The consultation often involves moving furniture, repositioning the art, and letting go of some items. More often than not, a local consultation is a very hands-on process!

Please note, the written feng shui report and the feng shui bagua (if requested) are priced separately.