1. Fill Out the Booking Form. To book a feng shui consultation in Vancouver BC Canada, please use our contact form. Depending on Rodika’s schedule, your consultation can be booked anywhere from two to three weeks from the day of your request.

2. Accept the Consultation Terms. Read the feng shui consultation terms and conditions and click the “Send” button. This serves as your digital signature/acceptance of consultation terms and conditions.

3. Have All Materials Ready. Here’s the info we need (please do not email it to us until your consultation is confirmed).

  • The Dates of Birth for People Living or Working in Your Space
    Please provide us the date and year of birth (as well the gender in case of exotic names) of all family members living in the house or key business people working in the office.
  • Your Address and Floor Plan
    The City Hall, or your builder/realtor, will have the copy of your floor plan. If you cannot locate the original floor plan, please do your best with drawing a sketch.
  • Confirmation/Booking Payment
    To book your feng shui consultation, we request 50% consultation payment as confirmation. The confirmation payment is based on a 2hr consultation; the payment is done online. The booking payment is $390 CAD (Rodika’s current hourly fee); the link is emailed to you when we receive your consultation request.

OUR CANCELLATION POLICY: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel your feng shui consultation, please give us advance notice. If you reschedule with less than 24 hr notice, the fee for late rescheduling is $80.00 CAD. If you cancel with less than 24 hr notice, your confirmation payment is non-refundable.

 The long distance feng shui consultation can be as effective as an in-person one, but you have to do a bit more work as compared to an in-person visit. The benefit is that you receive a detailed report with step-by-step instructions, so it is certainly worth putting time into preparing for your analysis!

Another powerful aspect of this process is the fact that in collecting all the needed materials – photos, videos and the floor plan – you are connecting deeper with your home or office, which always brings unexpected benefits and insights.

The materials Rodika needs for the long distance analysis are the following:

1. The Professional Floor Plan (with your Address)

2. The Compass Reading of your Front Door

3. DOB Info and The Statement of Your 3 Main Goals for the Consultation

4. Photos of each Area of Your Home (or office/business)

5. A Video Tour of Your Home (or office/business)

Sounds like a lot, but with all the benefits of modern technology, you can have all your materials ready in less than 1 hr!

If you have agreed to the long distance analysis terms and conditions, please follow the steps below.

( Once you let us know that all materials are uploaded (or will be uploaded soon), Rodika will email you the date of your long distance feng shui analysis, as well as the consultation payment link. )


1. Email us the DOB info and the statement of your goals.

2. Open an account at (free) and create folders for each area of your space, such as the “Living Room” folder, “Main Bedroom” folder, etc. Upload your home (or office) photos into their respective folders. The floor plan (do not forget to note the compass reading on the plan, or send the info by email) and the video can be uploaded directly, meaning do not place them in a separate folder.

3. Send us the link to your dropbox folder.


For example, a 3 bedroom home will have the following dropbox materials ready for the long distance feng shui analysis:



Here is a recent testimonial that clearly conveys the experience of our long distance client.

“It was great working with Rodika Tchi even though it was long distance! Just be prepared to do a little work from your end for the analysis is dependent entirely on the information you provide. I got my home and office Feng Shui done, so I had sent Rodika videos and plenty of images so that she could connect with my space as if she were here in person. She was able to then work out the Bagua for the house and the office and explain the various cures to bring forth to each area. I was also able to discuss colors, elements and placement of furniture in the most favorable positions.

Most important aspect as to why I chose to work with Rodika was due to the fact that I trusted her over some of the local Feng Shui experts. She is very open about sharing her knowledge and information and does not hold back. I had a couple weeks to discuss any questions or ideas that I had. It was a time consuming process, so I definitely advise in setting the time aside needed to get the maximum benefit of this time. I started out knowing nothing more than the very basics of Feng Shui but now I feel confident enough to make my own decisions and adjustments where needed.

I also got my office Feng shui done from Rodika and what a difference that has made! I love my place of work now, so if you are considering contacting Rodika for a Feng Shui analysis and are committed to it, then go right ahead, you will be happy you did! Thanks again Rodika, it was a real pleasure working with you!”

( D.Uppal, Square Feet Realtors, Dubai, United Arab Emirates )