If you are in the process of buying a new house and want to be sure it has the best feng shui for you and your family, Rodika can help you with an online new house feng shui assessment. It consists of a written report on the feng shui of the new house(s) you want to purchase.  You can submit up to 3 floor plans (the plans have to be submitted at the same time); after receiving the assessment you have 2 days of email support to ask any additional questions.

Here’s the required info for the new house feng shui assessment:

Send us the floor plan and address of the house you are looking to purchase. You can also just send us the realtor’s website with all the required info (floor plan, address and photos).

The realtor’s website will usually have many photos of the house, so sending us the realtor’s link might be enough. 

Taking the compass reading of the front door is easier than it sounds, please read the instructions here: How To Take the Compass Reading of Your Front Door.

Please let us know the date and year of birth for all family members who will be living in the house. With exotic or unusual names, please indicate the gender.


If you are ready to book your new house feng shui assessment, make sure you have all the info ready, accept the terms and conditions, then contact us.  We will send you the payment link as well as the date your report will be ready.

Please note Rodika rarely takes urgent requests, meaning requests to have the report done in the next couple of days. If you are in a rush, contact us first to see if the timing will work.