The long distance consultations  are provided via zoom or skype, and are booked online. For the long distance consultation, Rodika needs the same information as for the in-person consultation, with the addition of a few optional photos of the exterior and interior of your home.

Be sure you are able to easily show your home during the consultation. This means it is best to be on the phone or small laptop vs desktop computer.

Read more about the long-distance consultation with Rodika. 

Rodika teaches several feng shui classes & courses and has students from many parts of the world.

Her signature online feng shui course is a 7 weeks guided transformation called The Home & Life Feng Shui Makeover. In its second season now, this course is helping many students change their homes, improve their well-being and successfully achieve specific life goals.

The Makeover includes over 35 detailed feng shui videos, audios and has 3 Live Q&A sessions with Rodika, where you can ask her specific questions related to your home.

Rodika teaches this course twice a year, find more info here.

Her other feng shui classes include topics of feng shui for health, feng shui to clear clutter and the annual feng shui updates. You can watch these classes at fengshuimakeover.com.

Residential, Commercial & Real Estate

  • Feng shui consultations for your house and home include consultations for an existing home, as well as for a new home, be it building a new home or renovating the existing one. Here’s more info on how the feng shui consultation works.
  • The goal of a commercial space feng shui consultation is to considerably improve the productivity, efficiency, performance and the ultimate success of the business. The analysis of business marketing materials is also included.
  • Our real estate consultations are designed to help sell your home faster by removing the energetic blockages in the house. Also provided are feng shui consultations for real estate developers.